Life is Good when its lived in the flow...

My name is Stacey and I want to welcome you. I am the creator of Chakra Goods Gifts for the Soul. I make everything myself so can assure you it is all high quality.
I discovered working with Stone's and the Chakra’s in 2005 and they really helped transform my way of life to live in the flow. I started Chakra Goods Gifts for the Soul in 2012 to share my inspired Goods. 
Each Good that I make whether it’s a Chakra Energy Necklace or a Chakra Crystal Pillow is a living system for self healing. A system I have been dedicated to for over 15 years. They are amazing transformational tools for living. They have worked wonders in my life and others maybe they will do the same for you!
I use:
Genuine semi precious stones that have not been treated. 
High quality findings such as pure copper and silver filled rings. 
100% Genuine Silk Dupioni.

Working with Stone's and the Chakra's regularly helps to revitalize and balance our energy centers so we can live the Good life in the flow...

The best way to do this is to pick the one you are most attracted to and look up it’s Chakra properties. Chances are the one you chose is a perfect match for you to work with at this time in your life.

When you first get your stone it is important to clear it because they store energy. 
To do this give it an energizing cleanse by soaking it overnight in a cup of water with 1/8 teaspoon sea salt. 

Wear it for 7 days over your heart, at the end of the 7 days gently take it out of its pouch, lay down face up, place it on the Chakra area it resonates with, position your hands over it and rest them there. Relax for 20 minutes. When you are done clear the stone overnight in a cup of water with a pinch of salt then continue to wear over your heart. 

Continue to work with the same stone for hands on healing everyday, every other day, once a week...
Follow your intuition.

For best results clear the stone once a week.

Life is Good when its lived in the flow,

--Free gift for you--
What is meditation?
It is the practice of silence.
That may seem a bore?
If you are sitting trying to be silent for 20 minutes you will be bored in no time, so bored you will stop practicing it all together.
It can be a great challenge to be both bodily and mentally still. 
But it is not boring. 
Meditation practice is supposed to be fascinating and fun. 
5 minutes is all it takes.
Everything originates from silence. 
Every smell.
Every color.
Every noise.
Every thought.
Every object.
Every movement.
Every vibration.
In fact your primary being is silence. 

1. Grab a pen, a timer, and a pad of paper. Find a place to relax where you will not be disturbed.
Sit down with your back erect (this is the key to keeping your mind alert and focused).

2. Write down anything that is bothering you at this moment? Or anything that you are wondering about?

3. Write down an amends or apology you might need to make to someone maybe a friend, a co worker, an enemy. Or something you wanted to be able to say to someone but did not. Nothing is fine too.

4. Write down what it is that you would like to do better or something you would like to put more of your time and energy into.

5. Put your pen and paper down.Remember: Keep your spine erect and relax.
Take 5 deep breaths- slowly. 
Now breathe normal. 
Start your timer for 5 minutes. 
Close your eyes and be still. 
The timer will let you know when the 5 minutes is up. 

Your meditation will deepen the more you practice so do one each day if you can.

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